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When lightweight construction, strength and durability are needed, and when there are large areas of glazing, then aluminium doors and windows must be in the first place.

With aluminium, you can expect only perfection, high thermal insulating ability and a high degree of final treatment. Several different colours, with crisp and sharp lines, each facility will seem luxuriously with a note on the modern.

All aluminium profiles in our offer have following characteristics:

~ security (the highest level of anti-burglary protection, anti-vandalism protection, fire protection, protection of earthquake, etc.)

~ energy saving and energy production (using the best thermal broken aluminium systems, solar protection, controlled ventilation systems and integration of photo-voltage system in the structure of objects)

~ protection in extreme weather conditions (high resistance to wind and water-tightness)

~ solutions for people with special need

~ high aesthetics combined with modern architectural trends.

Window, as a functional element must provide us quality ventilation, enough of natural light in the space, and to feel like integral part and also protected in the environment that surrounds us. The strength of aluminium and its stability guarantee the quality of the window which does not need special maintenance, so those windows are founded application in almost all areas and facilities.

High quality aluminium window reliably protects against noise, cold and heat, and the chamber system guarantees interrupted thermal bridge which with thermal glass creates window with high quality insulation performances. If you want windows that can be obtained in almost any size, with modern, flat and smooth lines, in colour of your choice, then the aluminium window is right solution for you.

The important part of the window is thermal-insulating glass, it makes up about 70 percent of an area. The most important characteristics of aluminium windows and doors, like heat and acoustic insulation, most depend on the built thermal-insulating glass.

Our company, in aluminium windows, applies thermal-insulating glass 4+16+4mm Argon filled 90%, which compared to ordinary float 4+16+4mm has 2,5 times better thermal and acoustic characteristics, achieving maximum thermal and acoustic insulation, and significant cost savings for heating and cooling of space.

In our company you will get a professional description, information, suggestions and solutions for all your needs.

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